Boats, Bikes and Trailer Welding

Here at METAL DOCTOR Ltd, we love motorbikes and fishing, so we're always keen to help out a fellow biker get back out on the road or dirt or get your boat fishing-ready.   
Whether it's motorbike welding modifications, aluminium boat welding repairs or a customised trailer fabrication, we've got the knowledge and welding skills to make it happen.


Aluminium and stainless steel can only be welded outside in perfect weather conditions, otherwise they need to be welded inside or at our workshop to ensure quality welds.

  • Aluminium boat welding repairs and modifications
  • Minor aluminium boat weld patches
  • Cracked hull repairs
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Handrail repairs
  • Stainless steel fittings modified, repaired and fabricated
  • Damaged skeg repairs
  • Trailer weld repairs and modifcations


Motorbikes (Dirtbikes, Quads, Classic Bikes etc)
Trust the bike enthusiast METAL DOCTOR with your two-wheeled pride and joy!

  • Aluminium subframes welded
  • Cracked bike frames welded
  • Trailer weld repairs and modifcations
  • Trailer toolboxes
  • Security ground anchor locks for bikes and trailers
  • All kinds of bike related welding projects undertaken (want to add a sidecar to your dirtbike?  Anyone.....Please?!)

Bikes can sometimes be tough to weld due to the nature of the steel used, but thanks to the correct equipment and knowledge, METAL DOCTOR Ltd can help.

Home Projects
Got a project in mind but just don't have the welding kit or skills?  Give us a call!

  • All kinds of welding projects undertaken
  • Holes drilled in concrete and steel
  • Garage / Workshop racking
  • Snowboard / surboard / gun racks


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